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9 Signs your loved one is a compulsive gambler

We all have our issues – difficulties and temptations that are beyond our control. These are part of the elements that shape us and make us the individuals that we are today. How we react to stress goes a long in shaping our future. Stressors are major factors defining pathological disorder. Just like other addictive behaviors, the issues surrounding addiction ...

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Noise is Difficult to Define

Editor: Is it just me or are we suddenly being inundated with articles on noise and its effect on hearing loss? It seems that I see a related article at least once a week! I guess that’s good, if it means people are becoming aware of noise’s potential to damage hearing. Here’s a great article on noise from ASHA (http://www.asha.org/hearing/disorders/noise.cfm). ...

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Hearing loss and facts

Hearing loss is a severe health condition that is affecting a lot of people. It is estimated that about 20% of people in the United States of America are suffering from this condition. There are many factors that cause loss of hearing and one of them is age. At the age of 65, statistics have also shown that one in ...

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