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Federal government

Federal government and people with hearing loss The Federal Government has a long history of involvement with persons with hearing loss. Beginning in the early nineteenth century with the establishment of schools for the deaf, and continuing to the present day with a variety of social initiatives, the United States government has affected the lives of hard of hearing, late ...

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local governments

State and local governments and people with hearing loss State and local governments provide a variety of services for people with hearing loss. I plan to eventually get comprehensive information concerning state and local support posted. In the meantime, here are a couple of the better known services and how to access them. The Telecommunications Relay Services offered by the ...

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Sudden Hearing Loss or Sudden Deafness

Sudden Hearing Loss or Sudden Deafness One of the most baffling hearing loss situations involves the relatively quick loss of hearing in one or both ears. This can occur in a matter of hours or days, and is devastating to those who experience it. Sudden hearing loss affects one in 5000 persons every year! That’s 60,000 persons each year in ...

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Awakening Oral Hearing Loss (OHL) Community

Awakening Oral Hearing Loss (OHL) Community Here we are in the middle of 2005 and members of the oral hearing loss (OHL) community are still pretty much ignored by agencies and organizations that provide services to the DeafAndHardOfHearing. There are complex reasons for this reality, and we’ll need to consider them all as we forge a solution. The result of ...

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OHLA Public Awareness Campaign

OHLA Public Awareness Campaign One of the goals of the Oral Hearing Loss Advocacy (OHLA) group is to educate the general public and the hearing loss community about the lack of resources for people who comprise the Oral Hearing Loss (OHL) community. As part of that goal, we applaud organizations for behavior that promotes the interests of the OHL community ...

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Coping with Hearing Loss

Coping with Hearing Loss Coping with hearing loss is a lot more than just getting hearing aids. Unfortunately the folks who sell us hearing aids too often forget that, and people can have hearing loss for 20 years or more and never learn about the other components to a good program to deal with hearing loss. Here are some thoughts ...

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