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Chinese Create New Vibration-Enhanced Telephone

Chinese Create New Vibration-Enhanced Telephone

Editor: Here’s an interesting new product from China. It’s a telephone that outputs physical vibrations that represent the sound, in addition to the normal acoustic output. The idea is that the vibrations are conducted through the bone to the inner ear, where they are processed into sound. (BTW, bone conduction is a “normal” method of sound transmission, so this is not as far-fetched as it may seem).

Here are portions of the press release.


Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. (Nasdaq NM:XING – news) today announced a new model telephone offering an enhanced vibration feature to assist users with hearing deficiencies.

In addition to the normal sound-emitting speaker in the handset, a special vibrating unit in the speaker also transmits the same sounds through vibration. This enhanced “sound” can be “heard” by pressing the speaker portion of the handset, or earpiece, closely against the side of the head around the ear. Even in noisy surroundings, the Company claims, excellent sound quality can be achieved.

The Company plans to upgrade selected current models with the vibration feature while making it available as an option for other models. The Company may also utilize this technology in other communications devices, currently under consideration for production, such as walkie-talkies and hearing aids.

Mr. Rui Lin Wu, chairman of Qiao Xing Universal, commented: “Our new vibration-enhanced telephone, including our upgraded models, provides an important hearing alternative, especially for those with congenital or postnatal hearing deficiencies. In China alone, approximately 20 million people are reported to have various hearing problems. We feel this is an attractive market for such a product.

“Qiao Xing is the first Chinese company to offer this helpful function, and, furthermore, we believe our new telephone is the only one of its kind in the Chinese market”, Wu added

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc., Huizhou
Mr. Keneath Chen, (011) 86-752-2820268 Fax: (011) 86-752-2820260
E-mail: qxxiao@pub.huizhou.gd.cn


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