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Clear Products offers product for tinnitus relief

Clear Products offers product for tinnitus relief

Editor: I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical about any product that claims to provide tinnitus relief, but I’d love to be proven wrong. If anyone tries this (or any other tinnitus relief product), please let me know your experiences.

Here’s the press release from the folks at Clear Products.

Hearing damage is the number one disability produced by the war on terrorism per the Department of Veterans Affairs. With the war continuing in Iraq, many veterans are faced with the debilitating condition of Tinnitus, a ringing in their ears that continues to persist even after they have returned home. Nearly 70,000 of the 1.3 million troops who served in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan are collecting disability for Tinnitus, a potentially debilitating ringing in the ears. (1) They are faced with no cure and few medical alternatives. Clear Products (www.clearproductsinc.com) is proud to provide a natural solution for Tinnitus, called Clear Tinnitus(r), to America’s returning veterans and the more than 50 million Americans who similarly suffer from Tinnitus. (2)

Hearing damage has been a leading disability among combat personnel since World War II, with current US Troops suffering hearing damage at about the same rates. This number is expected to grow at 18% per year with disability payments estimated to total $1.1 billion by 2011, according to an analysis of Veteran’s Administration (VA) data by the American Tinnitus Association. Backed by clinical studies and sold in leading health stores and Walgreen’s nationwide, Clear Tinnitus(r) has improved the lives of many. It is in this way that Clear Products, Inc. continues its dedication to helping people, families, and veterans in a safe, natural, healthy way.

“We feel it is critical to realize how issues such as Tinnitus affect the quality of life for people in all walks of life,” explains Skipp Neville, President of Clear Products, Inc. “From veterans to surfers, musicians to seniors, Tinnitus is an issue that affects people across the board and it is critical to realize there is an effective, non-invasive, natural solution. We developed Clear Tinnitus(r) to provide relief, and we are truly honored to help America’s heroes, our veterans.”

Clear Products’ dedication to providing healthful solutions is further exemplified by their commitment to working with the nationally acclaimed non-profit Nourish America (www.nourishamerica.org) to provide nutritional supplements, such as Clear Tinnitus(r), to those veterans who may not be able to afford the treatment they need on an immediate basis. Sharing Clear Products’ enthusiasm, Mr. Neville explains, “Nourish America’s program of Americans helping Americans is truly critical during these times of need. We love the idea of helping returning veterans in such a healthful way with Clear Tinnitus(r). We are honored to be part of such a great program.”

Clear Tinnitus(r) is the original all-natural formula discovered in 1998 to provide safe, temporary relief from tinnitus. This unique proprietary blend of 13 herbs is scientifically formulated to work in combination with active homeopathic ingredients to provide temporary relief of tinnitus.

Clearly dedicated to upholding the ideals of sustainability, health and wellness, the collaboration between Nourish America and Clear Products, Inc. expands Nourish America’s support to provide access to nutrition and health education for people of all socio-economic levels, from low-income families to inner city tutoring centers, disaster survivors and returning veterans.

Nourish America is a national non-profit organization committed to improving the health of children, seniors and adults through vitamin supplementation, health education and donations of nutritional foods to hundreds of thousands of Americans. Nourish America brings a sense of immediacy to the devastating effects of critical health issues such as Tinnitus.

Clear Products, Inc. is a company based in their dedication to helping others achieve optimum health and wellness, naturally. Founded in 1998 by StaƓ T. Ozog III, L.Ac., Dipl. A. & C.H. (NCCAOM), a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Oriental Medicine, and Delmar (Skipp) S. Neville II, Clear Products, Inc. is a truly unique and revolutionary company. Clear Products’ line of herbal supplements is the first to combine herbs with homeopathy, ensuring that their products are non-habit forming and have no side effects. Clear Products’ dedication to improving health is expanded through their partnership with Nourish America to help reach America’s veterans with their Clear Tinnitus(r) product!

Contact Information for Clear Products

Contact Information: Clear Products, Inc. is located at 6156 Mission Gorge Rd, Suite C, in San Diego, California, 92120. For more information on Clear Tinnitus(r), or any of the other formulas developed by Clear Products, Inc., visit www.clearproductsinc.com or contact Alissa Sears of Christie Communications, Inc. by phone at 805-969-3744 or email alissa@christiecomm.com.

(1) “Veterans Suffering Hearing Loss is Another Casualty of War,” George Reilly. March 31, 2008.

(2) American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.