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Comprompter Unveils All-Purpose Captioning System

Comprompter Unveils All-Purpose Captioning System

July 2009

Editor: One of the roadblocks to widely available captioning is the difficulty associated with providing it. With so many potential audio sources, and so many potential caption and subtitle formats, it’s really quite a complicated challenge. The folks at Comprompter have developed an application that addresses these issues – an All-Purpose Captioning System. Hopefully it will live up to the hype, and we’ll see the system in wide use in the near future.

Here’s their press release!


One of the new products that Comprompter will unveil for the first time at NAB 2009 is “Caption Central”(tm) … an All-Purpose Captioning System … designed to provide multiple Captioning solutions for local broadcasters, which include: NewsRoom Computer Systems (NRCS), Keyboard Entry, Live Voice, pre-recorded audio and pre-stored text files.

Comprompter CEO, Ralph King said, “We have been developing Voice Recognition since 2005 but have taken this product beyond what anyone else is doing. Caption Central brings together nearly every conceivable Captioning situation and provides a built-in solution for it. We tried to imagine every normal and abnormal event and built Caption Central around those scenarios.”

“We included almost every method of input: dictation, direct studio input, and audio pass-through; audio and text file ingest; as well as live keyboard entry.”, King continued, “Caption Central is an extremely powerful tool for both Live and Production use”.

Caption Central(tm) performs a context comparison and tries to select the most appropriate word when a conflict arises over which spelling of that word occurs. “Caption Central even does Spell-Checking and capitalizes proper names of ‘people, places and things’ it recognizes.” King added, “Caption Central is a standalone system that can output captioning for our own NewsKing Newsroom system, or nearly any other newsroom system.”

The Audio In feature allows a live studio voice, like weather or sports, to be fed into Caption Central and instantly turns their unscripted words into captioned text. “This is the most universal system of captioning that exists in the broadcast market today and we are proud to offer our fellow broadcasters the opportunity of really serving the hearing impaired community in the most complete and instantaneous way possible.” said King.

About Comprompter News and Automation

Comprompter is a La Crosse, Wisconsin based company specializing in news and automation software for the broadcast and cable industry and services clients from worldwide with newsroom and automation systems along with auxiliary newsroom software for elections, closings, Internet newscast publishing, and close captioning.

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