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Docsoft: Video On Demand Portal Incorporates Speech Recognition

Docsoft: Video On Demand Portal Incorporates Speech Recognition

Editor: Speech recognition software is gradually becoming a mainstream technology. It’s being used for captioning television programs and telephone calls. Here’s a press release about a new application with a video-on-demand portal!


October 2007

Interactive Video-On-Demand portal uses speech recognition to provide spoken word search, automatic text transcription and closed caption capabilities. This new portal reduces costs associated with transcription and captioning as well as enhances student, faculty and staff’s multimedia learning experience.

The Center for Digital Education has awarded Northern Virginia Community College a DIGITAL EDUCATION ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in the Category of ‘Integrated Multi-Focus.’ “The Digital Education Achievement Award is a national program that recognizes outstanding Websites and cutting-edge ed-tech applications”.

Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) was seeking a video on-demand (VOD) solution that would enhance the user’s ability to effectively utilize video resources available to faculty, staff, students and the public. With over 1,000 digital video resources and no efficient way to find relevant content within these files, and no form of captioning, NVCC turned to Docsoft to help provide a solution.

Docsoft worked closely with NVCC to design a custom VOD solution utilizing the Docsoft:AV and Docsoft:SA products. Docsoft’s software engineering services proceeded to build and deploy the new portal with continuous feedback from NVCC. The end result was a custom VOD solution that provides search and display of the video content in a rich user experience that integrated seamlessly with NVCC’s current Blackboard user authentication system.

The NVCC VOD portal provides users the ability to search the spoken words within the video files and easily navigate categorically through the entire list of available videos. Docsoft:AV automatically generates a text transcript of the video that can be accessed through the VOD portal and played back as Closed Captioning within the user’s media player.

The award winning website can be viewed by navigating to www.nvcc.edu/tvcenter/vod/ . Public videos are available to all users, but videos available to students and staff are only available through logging into the NVCC Blackboard system.

About Docsoft Products: At the heart of the portal is the Docsoft audio mining and search solution which consists of the Docsoft:AV and Docsoft:SA products. The Docsoft:AV was developed to ‘mine’ or ‘extract’ audio content contained in digital audio and video files. Upon media capture, the content is then converted to a text-based file. This text-based file is then indexed by means of a second interface, the Docsoft:SA search appliance. The transcripts and videos are served up to the user in an intuitive web interface. For more information on these two products, please log on to www.docsoft.com/av .

About Docsoft: Docsoft, Inc. based in Oklahoma City is a leading provider of audio/video search and automatic closed captioning systems. The company has been serving users by providing quality products and software development services since 1999. Docsoft is dedicated to customer satisfaction and building highly usable software solutions.

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