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“Earglasses”(R) Are Inexpensive Way to Hear Better

“Earglasses”(R) Are Inexpensive Way to Hear Better

A reader recently wrote and suggested that I check out a product called Earglasses(R). Here’s what I found.

Earglasses are a clear plastic headset that place parabolic reflectors behind your ears to magnify sound before it enters your ear canal. It’s like cupping your hands behind your ears; but, as they say on the website, your arms won’t get tired <G>. Earglasses can provide up to 12 db of gain, with higher gain at higher frequencies, which is where most people need it.

Product claims include sharper and clearer sounds from the front and a reduction in volume of sounds from the rear. The product has no electronics, needs no batteries, and claims to provide a more natural sound than hearing aids.

Earglasses were scientifically designed using acoustic principles, and are sufficiently unique to have earned a patent. The website provides a semi-technical discussion of the product and how it works, for those so inclined.

If your hearing loss is moderate or greater, Earglasses alone probably won’t do you a lot of good. But if you have a mild loss, you might find these devices to be useful. (I didn’t see any mention of using them with hearing aids, but that might be an option for those with greater loss.) Priced at $10 plus $3 shipping and handling, they might be worth a look.

If you do decide to try them out, please let me know how you like them. As always, I’d like our readers to benefit from your experience.