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Federal government

Federal government and people with hearing loss

The Federal Government has a long history of involvement with persons with hearing loss. Beginning in the early nineteenth century with the establishment of schools for the deaf, and continuing to the present day with a variety of social initiatives, the United States government has affected the lives of hard of hearing, late deafened, and oral deaf persons.

The Federal government passes laws to steer our society in the desired direction. Since the Civil Rights movement began in the 1960s, our government has been attempting to increase access to mainstream society for all portions of the population. Emphasis has been placed on education, employment, and access. Anyone involved with people with hearing loss should have a working knowledge of the laws that mandate access.

The Federal government sets up various agencies to enforce the laws. Each agency is typically responsible for a particular segment of our society. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), for example, enforces laws concerning communications. To become familiar with the regulations, or to determine what your rights are and what you can do if they are violated, learn about the various agencies.