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High Stakes Roulette

High stakes roulette is a roulette game that offers casino players the ultimate casino experience to a high roller player. With the high stake roulettes, players make use of chips having higher values. At most casinos, you’ll find chips valued £ 50.00, £100.00 as well as £ 500.00, or the respective amounts denominated in Euros and US dollars. It offers a potential return of £18 000 for every single bet of £500.00; this game is for those who stake huge and, winning huge.

Staking high on roulette online enables a player to have a second thought on your betting strategy, taking as much time as you need. What’s more interesting? The player can control every aspect of the game, starting from the colour of the betting spot to time allotted to each wheel spins.

The betting process in an online roulette game

In the typical scenario, the table minimum may be £1.00, while the table’s maximum is often within the range of £1 000 – £5 000. In some online casinos, the maximum bet size tends to vary depending on the bet category a player decides to go with.

To begin the game, the player needs to select a chip value for betting with a simple click on the chip chosen to represent the respective value located at the bottom part of the game screen. If you (the player) wants a different matter, you may click on the other chip.

Some casinos will have the betting layout visualized above the roulette wheel on the screen. When placing the cursor over the betting area, different types of bet and its respective odds will then be highlighted, if the cursor hovers on it. Just as you’d find with the game of regular roulette, a player can place a bet on one number or use multiple numbers.

To place a bet, the player needs to click on the best bet on the betting layout. The player will see a chip of any chosen value being positioned on the particular spot. Another bet that has similar value may be placed by simply clicking repeatedly. Some platforms allow combining chip values on one and the same bet.

Now that a bet or several bets have been placed; the player is required to press the “Spin” button to start. When a bet is established successfully, the player’s account will be credited instantly. For high stake players living in the United Kingdom may find their game in places such as Inter Casino. Speaking of ideal casinos for high stakes roulette, you need to look out for casinos offering special VIP programs – moulge.com.

However, high stake roulette casinos in the United States is relatively thinner. Although the spectrum is low, experts recommend paying a visit to casinos such as Bovada Casino. A quality casino should offer bets up to £500, but that shouldn’t be the threshold. It would help if you aimed for more.

There you have it, that’s all you need to know about the high stakes roulette. For more questions, feel free to leave a comment below.