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Is your next hearing aid an iPhone or iPod?

Is your next hearing aid an iPhone or iPod?

Editor: OK, I admit I asked that question a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the concept is certainly no less likely than many of the other technological advances we’ve seen in recent years. The folks at Ginger Labs claim that their iPhone applications offer people with hearing loss an affordable, accessible option for significantly improving their hearing. Here’s their press release.


January 2010

Three New Apps Provide Most Advanced Hearing Technology Available via a Low Cost Consumer Electronics Device

Gingers Labs, Inc. (www.gingerlabs.com), a leading provider of assistive technologies for mobile devices, today announced three new versions of its advanced soundAMP hearing application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. The three new apps include: soundAMP Lite, the highest quality introductory hearing app available on the App Store today; soundAMP 2.0, which features the most advanced multi-band sound processor available in a low-cost consumer electronics device; and soundAMP R that combines the highest quality hearing device with a full-length recording feature. All three versions of soundAMP are available on Apple’s iTunes App Store today – http://itunes.com/app/gingerlabs.

soundAMP Turns iPhone into a High Quality Hearing Aid

Developed by experts in hearing software, soundAMP is an interactive hearing solution for iPhone or iPod touch, that puts users back in control of their hearing. Each of the new generation soundAMP apps feature a tunable, multi-band compressor which splits the audio signal into separate frequency bands and applies adaptive volume control to each band – sound processing technology that is consistent with that found in modern digital hearing devices.

“Hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating and debilitating,” said Ken Sherman, soundAMP user. “soundAMP offers those of us with hearing loss an affordable, accessible option for significantly improving our hearing. And, the new features and technology available in the three new versions of soundAMP provide even more choice and capabilities that used to only be found in expensive hearing aids.”

soundAMP greatly enhances the user’s hearing – while conversing in small groups, watching TV or attending lectures or concerts. Faint sounds are amplified, while loud sounds are softened as they reach the user’s earbuds in real time. This leads to improved sound clarity that lets users hear what they have been missing.

Most Advanced Hearing Options in a Low Cost Device

Each of the new versions of soundAMP offers significantly improved hearing features, as well as a superior design with over-sized buttons for simple control, and high-contrast colors for visual ease. Enhancements include:

* soundAMP Lite – the highest quality introductory hearing app on the App Store today. It features an easy-to-use, single button interface to control amplification level. With soundAMP Lite, the advanced dynamic processor produces very clear sound.

* soundAMP 2.0 – the next generation of soundAMP features the most advanced multi-band sound processor available in a low-cost consumer electronics device, making it the highest quality hearing app on the App Store today. Unique to soundAMP 2.0 is the world’s first user-tunable dynamic equalizer in a mobile device. This allows users to adjust the sound for each ear using a 5-band graphic equalizer with multi-band dynamics technology. A zoom feature lets users adjust the sound for each situation, whether in a noisy cafe or quiet setting. And, a replay feature lets users instantly play back the last 30 seconds of a conversation, lecture or concert to ensure nothing has been missed.

* soundAMP R – combines all of the high quality features of soundAMP 2.0 with a full-length recording feature. This makes it the first and only iPhone app that allows for live listening with advanced sound processing features, as well as the ability to record and playback using the same advanced sound processing. In addition to better hearing, the recording option makes it easy to capture lessons, lectures, presentations, interviews and other important discussions – for users with or without hearing loss. Users can capture events in real time, save the recordings and play them back when it is convenient. A bookmark feature lets users mark sections during recording to easily review highlights later. Recordings can also be shared.

“We are excited to share the new generation of soundAMP with users worldwide who can now choose the app that fits their personal hearing needs,” said Fred Mitchell, founder and CEO of Ginger Labs. “We have worked diligently to ensure each of the new versions of soundAMP provides the highest quality hearing and recording features available in a mobile device today. In a world where hearing loss isn’t catered to as it perhaps should be, we are dedicated to making better hearing an option for everyone.”


Ginger Labs’ soundAMP Lite, soundAMP 2.0 and soundAMP R are available immediately for download from the iTunes App Store. The introductory price promotion is free for Lite, $4.99 for soundAMP 2.0 and $6.99 for soundAMP R. To download the applications, please visit http://itunes.com/app/gingerlabs. soundAMP Lite customers can easily upgrade to soundAMP 2.0 or soundAMP R using the “In-App Purchase” option in the App Store.

About Ginger Labs

Ginger Labs develops assistive software applications designed to enhance the senses. These applications meet the needs of the large and growing population of people who wish to improve their sensory and expressive capabilities – whether hearing, sight or speech. Ginger Labs applications are delivered on the leading handheld mobile devices, Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. The company’s flagship application, soundAMP is available in three versions, all designed to turn the iPhone into a high quality hearing and recording device. Ginger Labs was founded in 2008 in Palo Alto, California.

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