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Japan’s Rion Produces Waterproof Hearing Aid

Japan’s Rion Produces Waterproof Hearing Aid

November 2001

Editor: bhNEWS’s Bob MacPherson recently wrote about a waterproof hearing aid from Japan. It doesn’t incorporate the digital technology and offers only 60 dB of gain, so it may not be appropriate in all cases. But if you need a hearing aid for a wet environment, it may be just the answer you’re looking for.

Here’s Bob!!


Hi bh members! In this discussion of “waterproofing” our hearing aids, the subject of the inherently by design waterproof hearing aid from Japan has not arisen.

The Rion company in Tokyo introduced a unique technology about 6 years ago that enabled it’s model HB-54, also known as the “Dolphin” to work and thrive underwater.

Sadly the Japanese have yet to embrace the current digital technology now commonplace in today’s hearing aids. This is a conventional, linear BTE, with the old fashioned trimpots. And albeit with gain of over 60dB, it may not be the best choice for a frontline hearing instrument.

However, for use at the beach, or if you get a sudden urge to stick your head in the toilet, and flush…the HB-54 just might be for you!

Not exactly cheap, a single aid will set you back about $800.00 U.S. (A whole bunch of Yen!!)

BTW. Rion makes a high quality product. I own two of them.

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