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Las Vegas Casino Provides Accommodations for Woman with Hearing Loss

September 2009

Editor: Looking for a casino in Las Vegas that makes it a priority to provide access for folks with hearing loss. Here’s one woman’s rave review of the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.


As a deaf woman and an A.D.A Advocate, I travel frequently, striving to educate every venue I encounter, i.e., hotels, airlines, i.e., every public place that needs to understand and incorporate accessability to the hearing loss community so that we may travel safely and effectively and in much greater numbers than is now possible without adequate accessability.

The A.D.A. is beginning to strengthen compliance in businesses. This is a most opportune time for A.D.A. advocacy, especially for the hearing loss community, as it seems to be the least understood disability among the general public.

I often encounter these businesses haven’t a clue how to become truly accessable, where to obtain appropriate assistive technology devices or how to install them most effeciently for the hearing impaired.

I strive to educate these entities in actual needs and how to implement them, cost effectively, to draw the hearing loss community into their businesses, thereby expanding their base of clients to a whole new group of the population. As they say, the best argument for accessability compliance is an economic one.

I recently spent a week in Las Vegas, NV at :

Palace Station Hotel and Casino
Michael Pavicich – Director of Hotel Operations
2411 West Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702)221-6638 – Direct Line
(702)236-3065 – Cell Phone
(702) 367-6138 Fax

I found this hotel to be unique in it’s efforts to provide approprate assistive technology and accessability for the hearing impaired. I encountered extraordinary efforts to make this beautiful resort hotel a place where the needs of the hearing impaired guest are taken absolutely seriously. Staff members and administration alike share this exemplary goal. During my stay, the entire hotel staff extended highly personalized service to make my visit, as a deaf woman traveling alone, absolutely safe and thoroughly enjoyable.

Palace Station’s Chief Engineer, Jeff Tiraada (702) 743-8609 jeff.tiraada@stationcasinos.com worked diligently with his dedicated engineering crew to build a prototype of the Captioned Telephone System (CapTel) we hearing impaired use at home, for my personal use in my beautiful Palace Station room. I was able to educate these gentlemen in how to put together this system.

Director of Hotel Operations, Micheal Pavicich, (702)236-3065 michael.pavicich@stationcasinos.com fully grasped the tremendous economic potential of making the Palace Station Hotel and Casino and it’s many sister Station Hotel and Casinos throughout Las Vegas, NV. A.D.A compliant with assistive technology and total accessability for the hearing impaired, given that over 10% of the general population is significantly hearing impaired and these disabled individuals are not now traveling due to the lack of accessability at most hotels.

I highly recommend the national hearing loss community visit the beautiful Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.
This unique Hotel would be the perfect location for a Hearing Loss Convention. Las Vegas, NV is the number one travel destination on all major holidays, being that it is one of the most unique vacations spots in the world.

The Palace Station Hotel and Casino is definately the most unique and appropriate Hotel in Las Vegas for a Hearing Loss Convention.

Please alert your vast hearing loss readership to the wonderful Palace Station Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.