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How True are the Reports of Levitra Causing Hearing Loss?

Hearing is one of those few senses that make the world go round. Losing it can be a nightmare for anyone. A person with hearing loss is not able to enjoy his life fully. Such a person is confused, low on confidence and ill-at-ease in social settings. While inborn ear irregularity or congenital hearing loss is a bit out of bounds of complete treatment, hearing loss caused by aging or other factors should be handled and prevented on time by taking a professional assistance.

What is Hearing Loss?

There are many parts the ear is made up of. When there is a problem with one or more parts of it, hearing loss takes place. Individuals with hearing loss are referred to as hard of hearing and deaf. Around 20%, some 48 million people suffer from some degree of hearing loss in the United States. While the ratio0 for people at age 65 is one out of three who have hearing loss.

Few Basic Facts about Hearing Loss

  • The most common causes of the loss of hearing among adults are aging and noise. Aging and hearing loss are strongly correlated with each-other.
  • What is cause of hearing loss determines whether it is temporary or permanent, mild or severe. It is a gradual or sudden decrease in your ability to hear. Mild to profound hearing loss can affect all age groups of people gradually.
  • Hearing loss follows arthritis and heart disease as one of the most common physical condition.
  • Hearing loss induced by noise my happen gradually over time or suddenly. Listening to loud music, using devices such as lawn mower and working in a noisy environment in everyday life develops over several years.
  • Sudden hearing loss caused by explosions and gunfire in the wars is the
  • Hearing loss is often accompanied with severe tinnitus or ringing in the ears which is no less debilitating than the hearing loss itself.
  • Poking an object in the ear, a ruptured eardrum, earwax buildup, ear infection, injury to the head or ear as well as other conditions also cause hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss cannot be seen and is only felt through its effects which demonstrate in confusion, personality changes and aloofness.
  • Hearing loss that occurs with growing age is always permanent. it may be mild or severe. Known as presbycusis, age-related hearing loss happens slowly but steadily. Changes in the inner ear contribute to this type of hearing loss.
  • In Congenital Hearing loss one is born without hearing. Gradual hearing loss occurs over time.
  • Mild, moderate, severe and profound are degrees of hearing loss.
  • One condition with which hearing loss is often confused in older people is dementia.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

A couple communicates through sex too and when one of them or both are not able to get pleasure out of their sexual activity, their relationship can hit a rough patch. One reason behind their dissatisfaction is men suffering from erectile dysfunction which is also sometimes called male impotence. Men who have erectile dysfunction find it tough to get an erection and maintain it till the end of their sexual intercourse. The repeated inability to achieve and sustain erection is what referred to is erectile dysfunction.

A Comprehensive Guide to Erectile Dysfunction

  • Your partner is equally affected if you two have not been getting good sex. Take this fact in account and talk openly about ED with your partner and about the diagnosis and treatment options which reassure your partner that you haven’t lost interest.
  • Problems with ejaculation and poor libido are some other forms of male sexual dysfunction. However, erectile dysfunction is referred to only the inability to attain and sustain an erection. Men with ED have a healthy libido but their body fails to respond mostly because of physical reasons.
  • Some symptoms of erectile dysfunction include soft erections, brief erections and an inability to achieve erection.
  • ED and sexual dysfunction becomes more common in the aging people. However, sexual life can still be enjoyed in older age as treatments of ED are available for aging individuals also. Hispanic men and people with a history of smoking, hypertension, diabetes and obesity are seen suffering from this issue most.
  • ED mechanics include an erection filling two chambers called corpora cavernosa with blood. The penis expands and hardens much like a balloon when it is filled with air. Genital nerves and impulses from the brain trigger this process. Ed occurs when the blood flow to the penile area or these impulses are blocked by anything.
  • Males who have diabetes are two to three time more prone to having an erectile dysfunction.
  • Smoking, drug abuse and excessive drinking may reduce the blood flow to the penis by damaging the blood vessels.
  • Another cause of ED is the damage of blood vessels and nerves near the penis while having surgery for some conditions such as bladder cancer, BPH, or prostate cancer.
  • Erectile dysfunction may sometimes also occur as a result of side effect of certain medications like antidepressants, blood pressure drugs and tranquilizers. Men taking these medicines should first speak to their doctor and only if the doctor necessitates should they stop taking these drugs.
  • Psychological factors such as poor self-esteem, stress performance anxiety and depression can also lead to ED.
  • Avid cyclists suffer from erectile dysfunction more according to researches. the reason for it the pressure on the perineum because of the trouble in the shape of the seat of some bicycles.
  • Diagnosis of ED includes complete physical investigation to trace any problem with nerves or circulation and abnormalities in the genital area along with questions about your medical history and ED symptoms.
  • Under ED Diagnosis, there include lab tests for hormonal imbalance through measuring testosterone levels, cholesterol levels, blood cell counts and liver function and blood sugar levels.
  • In some cases, ED is an indication of a bigger problem like stroke, heart attack or death from cardiovascular disease. Men with ED should get themselves evaluated for cardiovascular disease, as per researches.
  • Ed can be treated by making some lifestyle changes. Exercising, losing weight and quitting smoking are few ways that help overcome ED by improving blood flow. Speak to your doctor about switching to another drug or adjusting the dosage if you suspect your ED is a side effect of a certain medicine.
  • Oral drugs such as Levitra , Viagra, Cialis etc help males with erection during arousal. Almost all of these drugs are taken half-an-hour to one hour before sexual activity. These medicines should be used only once daily and after getting and from your doctor.
  • Implants, vacuum devices (pumps), injections and surgery are also used for the treatment of male impotence.
  • Psychotherapy helps treat ED by learning techniques to lessen performance anxiety and improve intimacy.
  • Alternative therapies like ED supplements, ginkgo biloba, Asian ginseng and DHEA supplement are also used to treat ED but their efficacy and safety is not yet fully proven.
  • One can put the risk of ED at bay by stopping smoking, keeping diabetes under control, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding alcohol and substance abuse.
  • ED is also known to be treated with dietary supplements but FDA warns against their use. The ingredients used in them are often not listed on the label.

Is There any Connection between Levitra and Hearing Loss-What do Studies Suggest?

These PDE5 inhibitors have been a subject of close scrutiny of the researchers since the time some users reported the loss of hearing after using them. Levitra has also come under attack of health experts for causing hearing loss as one of its adverse effects. Some following studies and news items reveal what is the take of FDA and health professional on the safety of PDE5 inhibitors including Levitra tablets.

Food and Drug Administration has so far received reports of those cases where individuals using phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors experienced sudden decline or loss of hearing. Few of these cases have dizziness and tinnitus accompanying them. Since these cases were reported post marketing, it became difficult to ascertain whether these reports have any direct relation with the use of one of these medications, other risk factors for hearing loss, an underlying medical condition, some other factors or a combination of all these factors. Few reports of sudden hearing loss in clinical trials also came to light.

Manufacturers of ED drugs including Levitra have revised the labeling in order that users be kept wary of the potential risk of suddenly losing hearing and guided what they should do in the event of experiencing sudden hearing loss. The revised labeling of these erectile dysfunction medicines has updated Adverse Reactions sections and a new Precaution.

FDA took this action close on the heels of a report that was published in the Journal of Laryngology and Otology (April 2007). The Administration searched its database for the cases of the reports of hearing loss in patients who took PDE5 inhibitors to treat their ED. The data has 29 cases where people using these drugs had hearing loss in three days or less than three days after the intake of their last dose with and without dizziness and tinnitus. These were all post marketing reports that came to the knowledge of FDA. Eventually FDA ruled the revision of labeling of these medications in the wake of these odd incidents of hearing loss.

All the cases of hearing impairment or hearing loss reported in postmarking and clinical trials were included by FDA in its analysis for all the erectile dysfunction products. 29 cases of sudden hearing impairment in all were identified by FDA from the post marketing report. These cases demonstrated a temporal relationship to dosing with a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor. In many cases of both post marketing and clinical trial ones, other factors and medical conditions may also be responsible for this negative effect.

Following is a brief lowdown on Clinical Trials and Post Marketing Episodes of Hearing Loss due to Levitra

These clinical trials had 3 out of 16,000 patients treated with Vardenafil. They experienced sudden hearing impairment in temporal relation to the dosing.

In the post marketing occurrences the 5 men who took this drug were aged from 38 to 74 and had a temporal relationship to the dosing. It was after the first dose that sudden hearing loss occurred in 2 of the 5 cases. While 2 of the 5 case did not specify, 2 were unilateral and 12 was bilateral. These 5 cases had 2 people in whom sudden hearing loss was ongoing and it was temporary in the rest of 3 cases.


  • The ongoing and recent studies, researches, clinical trials and real-time reports of patient Levitra have brought hearing loss as one of the side effects of this pill to the fore here is a description of one patient who reported in the hospital for a unilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss which was possible an outcome of the intake of Vardenafil. Only one more case besides this where Levitra caused the damage has been published so far. This man who was 57 years old reported in the emergency wing. He had mild-to-moderate hearing loss in the right side in the range of 500-3000-Hz. That he suffered from it after taking Levitra was confirmed by audiogram. Two days later, the patient was hospitalized and administered first dexamethasone and then oral prednisone. He was discharged three days later as he reported the improvement in his hearing on the fourth day of his hospitalization. He was then treated as an outpatient and asked to continue tapering the prednisone. When his corticosteroid therapy was over after 10 days, he was sent for another audiogram and this time his hearing was found to be in normal limits of 500-3000-Hz range.

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