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Mega Moolah Symbols (and win)

In the mega moolah progressive jackpot have a total of twelve symbols, ten of these symbols are standard, and the other two other characters are feature symbols. The feature symbols include the Lion Wild symbols, and the Witchdoctor scatters symbol. We will look at these symbols separately due to the unique role of the characters has in the game.

We’ve outlined below, the main base game symbols as well as how much a player can win based on a maximum bet amount, a minimum bet amount, and the effect multiplier for every win with each of the mega moolah symbols are.

SymbolAmountMin BetMax BetMultiplier
103 Symbol0.020.500.08x
 4 Symbol0.102.500.4x
 5 Symbol0.4010.001.6x
Queen3 Symbol0.041.000.16x
 4 Symbol0.205.000.8x
 5 Symbol0.7518.753x
Jack3 Symbol0.030.750.12x
 4 Symbol0.153.750.6x
 5 Symbol0.6015.002.2x
Ace3 Symbol0.082.000.32x
 4 Symbol0.4010.001.6x
 5 Symbol1.5037.506x
Elephant2 Symbol0.061.500.24x
 3 Symbol0.5012.502x
 4 Symbol2.5062.5010x
 5 Symbol7.50187.5030x
King3 Symbol0.061.500.24x
 4 Symbol0.307.501.2x
 5 Symbol1.0025.004x
Buffalo2 Symbol0.041.000.16x
 3 Symbol0.4010.001.4x
 4 Symbol1.5037.506x
Giraffe3 Symbol0.307.501.2x
 4 Symbol1.2531.255x
 5 Symbol5.00125.0020x
Zebra3 Symbol0.205.000.8x
 4 Symbol1.0025.004x
 5 Symbol4.00100.0016x
Antelope3 Symbol0.102.500.4x
 4 Symbol0.5012.502x
 5 Symbol2.5062.5010x

These are standard wins for players except the effects of the other base game symbols, the Lion Wild, added. Let’s not discuss how the pays on the Witchdoctor scatter and the Lion Wild work.

The Witchdoctor Scatter

The witchdoctor symbol can show across all five reels and also offer a range of payouts as shown in the table displayed below

SymbolAmountMin BetMax BetMultiplier
Scatter2 Symbol0.5012.502x
 3 Symbol0.7518.753x
 4 Symbol5.00125.0020x
 5 Symbol25.00625.00100x

The main benefit to scatter wins is that they don’t need to on a specific pay line as you can land these symbols on any slot reel, in any particular position to trigger the two, three, four, or five mark wins.

The Lion Wild

It is, without a doubt, the most critical symbol in the base game. The Lion Wild serves two purposes. It is commonly used as a wild symbol, which can substitute for any other characters in the mega moolah game except for the scatter symbol.

However, the real benefit from landing one or multiple Lion Wilds in a pay line in the base game is that players also receive a 2x multiplier on any win that includes a wild. It would mean the maximum payout in the base game for its standard symbol if players were to land four Elephants coupled with a Wild Symbol on a pay line would be 60x your bet.

SymbolAmountMin BetMax BetMultiplier
Lion Wild2 Symbol0.153.750.6x
 3 Symbol1.2531.255x
 4 Symbol15.00375.0060x
 5 Symbol150.003,750.00600x

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