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Real-Time Speech Recognition Based Closed Captioning – Faster, More Versatile and Less Expensive

Real-Time Speech Recognition Based Closed Captioning – Faster, More Versatile and Less Expensive

March 2011

Live closed captioning, driven by speech recognition just became faster, more versatile and less expensive with the release of CPC’s YouCaption(tm) software today.

YouCaption is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of realtime captioning because of the multiple platforms that it captions for; the fact that it does not require a costly hardware closed caption encoder for most applications; the speed with which it turns speech into captions; and its many novel features – such as the ability to caption phone conferences via a website for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

YouCaption is inexpensive to use, because a highly skilled and highly paid stenographer is not needed.

Captions PowerPoint(r), Webinars, On-Line Meetings and More

Captions are displayed on PowerPoint(r) Presentations and computer screens. If you use online meetings or a screen sharing system such as WebEx(r), GoToMeeting(r), TeamViewer(r), etc., you can include the closed captions window as part of your shared screen. Traditional hardware encoder based systems cannot easily display captions to these popular platforms.

Captions Web Sites & Mobile Devices

The captions can also be directed to a live web page which can be viewed on virtually all web browsers, including smart phones and tablets like the iPad(r) and iPod(r), with no special software or plug-ins needed. This is ideal for reaching a mobile or remote audience, especially when bandwidth may be an issue. (This feature requires access to a web server with PHP and MySQL installed.)

Faster Real-time Closed Captions

Captions are displayed moments after the corresponding words are spoken, just like they are with steno based captioning systems. There is no buffering or need to pause, which are pitfalls of many previous speech recognition based systems.

Live TV Broadcast

YouCaption can interface with CPC’s award winning CaptionMaker software to control a local or remote broadcast closed caption encoder.

Post Production

YouCaption outputs a timed transcript of your session. If you need to broadcast or upload a video recording of your event later, you can use this script in CPC’s CaptionMaker(r) or MacCaption(tm) closed captioning software to easily add captions to the recording. You can also provide a plain text transcript to anyone who missed your event, or use it for indexing and archiving.

About CPC – The Closed Captioning Software Leader

YouCaption(tm) is the latest addition to CPC’s industry-leading line of closed captioning and subtitling software. Since 1986, CPC has been the captioning industry leader. CPC also operates an award winning captioning and subtitling service. For further information, please see our website: http://cpcweb.com/YouCap/