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TVWorldwide to Webcast Inaugural Ball

TVWorldwide to Webcast Inaugural Ball

Editor: If you’re interested in the upcoming inauguration ball, and are concerned that lack of captioning will make it inaccessible to you, you might want to watch it on the web. TVWorldwide recently announced that they will provide captioned streaming video coverage of that event. Here are excerpts from their press release.

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TVWorldwide.com, a fast-growing web-based global TV network and streaming video service provider, announced today that it has been selected to webcast the first live inaugural ball, known as the “eNaugural.com Ball” with special “webcapting(TM)” technology to offer captioned video streaming in support of persons with disabilities.

The event’s webcast, scheduled after the inauguration of President-elect George W. Bush, Saturday, January 20 beginning at 9:30 PM EST at Washington D.C.’s National Press Club Ballroom Complex will offer three full hours of event coverage including interviews with key attendees, behind-the-scenes features of the day’s inauguration highlights, live entertainment coverage and interactivity with eNaugural participants around the world by chat, e-mail and phone. Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin will serve as Honorary Master of Ceremonies and the event will be anchored by tech and political commentator Mark Bisnow.

Live entertainment will include J. Geils with the Gerry Beaudin Jazz trio and other bands. Persons with disabilities will be able to join in the fun thanks to the webcapted(TM) streaming video, a process developed in concert with TVWorldwide.com’s Abletv.net channel, the first global Internet television channel for persons with disabilities. The webcast will also utilize the 360-degree camera and lens technology of BeHere Corporation, the leading provider of 360-degree Internet video technology. With iVideo, eNaugural participants will have control of the entire 360-degree scene.

The event will be compressed and archived for viewing later in both 360 degree and conventional video format. Participants should have the free Real Player installed prior to the event and should log on by 9:00 PM on the 20th.