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Unitron Introduces Smart Alert(tm) System

Unitron Introduces Smart Alert(tm) System

Editor: A frequent topic of discussion among people with hearing loss is what kind of alerting system they should use. I think there are some good systems out there, but it doesn’t seem that anyone has it totally right yet. Is this new system from Unitron the one that does it?


May 2010

Unitron today announced the introduction of Smart Alert(tm) System, the first fully integrated hearing and alerting system that enables household alerts to communicate directly with hearing instruments. The system, developed in partnership with Bellman & Symfon, a global leader in alerting technologies, brings together Unitron’s widely acclaimed remote control and advanced hearing instruments with proven home alerting detectors.

Smart Alert System delivers peace of mind to end-users and their loved ones, providing assurance that people with hearing loss will always be aware of important signals throughout their homes – even at night. By seamlessly integrating hearing and alerting technologies into a single system, Smart Alert System provides hearing healthcare professionals with a turnkey solution and a new opportunity to expand the care they provide to their clients.

How it works: Alerts are seen, felt and heard

Smart Alert System wirelessly connects household detectors with the Smart Alert remote – the same remote used for hearing instrument functionality. When doorbell, telephone or smoke detectors sound, Smart Alert System provides alerts through event-specific icons on the remote, the remote vibrates, and beep signals are sent directly to the hearing instruments. At night, when hearing instruments are not in use, the Smart Alert remote is placed in its nightstand charger, which connects to a bed shaker, so alerts are maintained around the clock.

Simplicity and sophistication

Smart Alert System is designed with ease and reliability in mind for both end users and hearing healthcare professionals, who conduct a simple, in-clinic pairing procedure between the hearing instruments and the Smart Alert remote. At home, users install the detectors with a simple peel and stick procedure, followed by an easy activation.

Innovation for real life

Explained Unitron President and Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Hay, “Smart Alert System is our response to a distinct need we heard from our hearing healthcare professional customers – one that no one else has answered. Until now, there has been a component-by-component approach to clients’ household alerting needs, because there was simply no solution that integrated the alerting devices with the hearing instruments. In addition, our customers were concerned about follow-up servicing and installation issues. Unitron’s collaboration with Bellman & Symfon has yielded a reliable, purpose-driven solution that’s ready to go, right out of the box, allowing people to enjoy their homes safely and independently.”

Smart Alert System is targeted at those with severe to profound hearing losses and an aging population who wish to enjoy their homes safely and independently. The system is designed to work with Unitron’s Passport(tm), Latitude(tm) and 360(tm)+ product lines. It will be available in June 2010. Please contact your local representative for availability in your market.

About Unitron

Unitron is a global innovator of technologically advanced hearing instruments. We care deeply about people with hearing loss and work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to make advanced, purpose-driven solutions available to everyone. Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Unitron, a member of the Sonova Group, meets the needs of our customers through 16 international offices and through distributors in a further 53 countries. For more information, please visit us on the web at unitron.com or at the Unitron web channel on Audiology Online.